Class Schedule  
    1.1 There are five (5) days in one week, Monday to Friday. Student's class per day is not more than seven (7) hours.  
    1.2 Students have the responsibility to clean their own classrooms daily.  
  Morning Assembly  
    7:50 A.M. Students will prepare for the morning assembly.  
    8:00 A.M. Students should be in the line for the school anthem and prayer to pay respect  
    8:10 A.M. Adviser will check the student's attendance for the first period  
    8:15 A.M. Students move to their classroom.  
  Going Outside the College  
        Parents should come to the college or write a letter of permission allowing their child to go outside the campus.  
  Business Leave or Sick Leave  
        In case of the above statement, parents must inform the adviser or teacher and bring the leave form that agrees on the college rule and bring that form on the day the students return to class and send to the adviser before 10:00 A.M.  
        If student has been constantly absent without any contact to the teacher for three (3) days, or absent more often, the college will acknowledge for the first and second time within five(5) days. However, if student will still not contact with the teacher or any college personnel, on the third day we will call or write in letter to the parents and expect them to come or talk with us at the college.  
        Every student has to be punctual; they should come before 8:00 A.M. However, if you are to come late due to a valid resons, you have to follow the rules below:  
    6.1 If student needs to do errands for their parents in the morning, the student should prove to the college with his/her parent's letter and hand it to the teacher and he/she will submit to Student's Development Department.  
    6.2 In the case of heavy rain or having a problem with students' transportation, the college will give a consideration.  
  Skiping of Class  
        If student skip the class in all situation such as disappering during the class, the college will punish depending on each case. However, if the student continues on making the same mistake, the college will give further action proceedings including the case that the student made a bad reputation towards the college. Finally, the college will not take any responsibilities for whatever accidents will happen to the student outside the campus during the class.  
  Rules of Eating  
        Students are allowed to have a meal on the following time: 6:40 - 7:50 A.M., 11:00 - 12:00 P.M. Please note that the hour above is the break time of each class' level  
  Bringing Student's Vehicles Inside The Campus  
    9.1 Students with vehicles are not allowed to enter the campus without any driver's license.  

9.2 Students with vehicles should inform the staff in-charge before leaving the campus.

    9.3 Students are not allowed to have two passengers on one motorcycle.  
    9.4 Students are not allowed to bring the modified motorcycle into the college's premises.  
    9.5 The rider must have a helmet.