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  Personal in Kingston Pattaya Vocational College
       There are 24 personnel in total at Kingston Pattaya Vocational College that are classified according to gender, departments and personnel's highest educational attainment. Each category is classified in an order below:
Gender Number
 Male 7
 Female 17
Departments Number
 Director 1
 Resource Management 8
 Research and Quality Assurance 1
 Educational Development 4
 Academics 2
 Accounting 1
 General Management 4
 Computer Business 3
 Hospital Management 2
 Foreign Language 2
 Hotel and Tourism Industry 2
 Computer Graphics 1
Highest educational attainment Number
 Ph.D. or equivalent 3
 Master's degree or equivalent 1
 Bachelor's degree or equivalent course of 4 years 17
 Higher vocational certificate or equivalent 3